is a company registered in England to provide Freighter Cruises on cargo ships, Conventional Cruises on cruise passenger liners and Expedition Cruises worldwide.

For freighter travel information, expedition voyages, luxury cruising or ferry crossings contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We offer several types of cruises – cargo voyages aboard vessels, some of which are with capacity of up to 12 passengers and possibly 20 crew; conventional cruises aboard most famous ocean liners and Cruise Providers and expedition voyages to many beautiful places on Earth.
Whether you choose Freighter voyage, a Conventional cruise or an Expedition passage, we are pleased you have chosen to use our services to fulfil your dreams and experience of a lifetime. 

Freighter voyages are a well-kept secret. But the secret is escalating and is becoming more and more popular not only because one can find solitude, tranquillity and be with their own thoughts while on the High Seas but also to experience a different way of travel without the hustle of dressing up, posh entertainment or mixing with loads of strangers. Now is the time and the way to devote yourself to what you like doing most – such as reading, writing, painting or just enjoying the Sea, Sky and Life.

 On the other hand, if you choose the Conventional Cruise you will never think of a land-based holiday again. The luxury of the cruise liners, the high standard of service, the opportunity of visiting new and many places of interest each day makes it unique and unforgettable experience. You can choose a small ship or a big ship; a tall ship or a yacht in any case we can assure you will be satisfied and well looked after.

You can easily take an adventure with Sea Travel Ltd to places in the World which are not easily accessible – Antarctica or South Georgia and The Falkland islands, The Arctic or The North Pole , Alaska or The Russian Far East as well as the Ross Sea or The Azores and many more interesting destination one could ever dreamt of. The Specialists at Sea Travel Ltd can always assist with booking a passage aboard expedition vessels with the most outstanding Expedition Companies and do their best to make all arrangements as easy as possible.


It doesn’t matter what you are going to choose - a cargo ship passage, a passenger liner cruise or an expedition voyage you would still get the pleasure of seeing fabulous Ocean views. This is the one and only possibility of travelling around the world even to the remote places where no one can easily travel or see…One will get the chance of being close to real Nature in its full Power and Glory.So be the one to try for yourself and decide whether you love it or …Hmm, yes definitely …..Love it.

We promise our clients to do our best in organising any voyage in the best possible and easy way making it the most unforgettable experience you will ever get which would urge you to do it again …, again…, and again. Sea Travel Ltd welcomes you onboard and hopes you will enjoy the So New and So Old adventure…Exploring the World by ship just like in the Past Times.

Travel by ship helps the environment and Climate change. Be the one to save the Planet by choosing Sea Travel Ltd - the greener way of travel. Be the one to change the Climate by being kind to the Environment. We promise you your carbon footprints would help save lives because sea travel is the greener type of travel using the Power of Unstoppable Waters and its full forces to take you wherever you want. The initiative of taking Sea Travel is the new eco-solution in developing environmentally aware culture. The major challenge is the Respect to Mother Nature and Sea Travel as an alternative transportation approach minimizes the impact on It. 

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