ENJOY CRUISING WITH SEA TRAVEL LTDThe Specialists at Sea Travel Ltd are here to assist with finding the perfect cruise for you no matter if you are new to cruising or a very experienced cruiser.  We promise lots of fun, sunny destinations with beautiful beaches, adventure itineraries, interesting cultures and wonderful sightseeing tours - there is a cruise out there for everybody to fit their time scale and travel requirements.  

Cruising has become very popular in the modern days and is a major part of the travel and tourism industry. Because of the industry’s growth many Cruise providers are releasing newly built passenger liners every year to service different types of clientele and regions.

Cruise passenger liners have a hotel organization b
ut floating on water. Hospitality staff is trained to a very high standard and is in addition to the ship crew. Very often the ratio crew/passenger is one to two which means the level of service is higher.

There are many dining options to choose from. If you feel like going formal or casual, early or late this is the right holiday for you. There is a variety of traditional or speciality restaurants but also if you wish you can dine in privacy in your own cabin.

Each of the Cruise providers has wide choice of dining options but also their own dining experience with highly trained staff. You can expect a variety of exotic cuisine and diet options.

The dress code aboard cruise ships can be casual for the daytime or smart casual (dresses or suits for women and trousers and shirts for men) and formal for the evenings (cocktail dresses for women or suits, ties or tuxedos for men). Smart casual style for example is more appropriate for Hawaii or the Caribbean though formal is more for example for destinations like Europe. Some countries would require stricter dress code for example for ladies to cover their legs and shoulders.

The usual dress code on traditional cruise passenger liners is the black tie for men and for women the classical black dress or a ball gown but the trend nowadays is more towards casual cruising with different dress options.

Life on board the ships is buzzing and offers diversity of entertainment. If your night is just beginning you have the choice of theatre shows, piano clubs with talented vocalists, energetic dancing performances and bars that stay open until the small hours of the night.

For those with children there is often a full range of kids’ venues to keep them busy or babysitting services.

There are lots of activities for you to do while cruising. If you can’t do all of them today there is always tomorrow…

Passengers can choose from a variety of fitness classes; spa therapy; browse the library, play bridge or chess or mini golf, attend wine tasting or art auctions, relax by the swimming pool and sipping exotic cocktails; use the Internet café; or try rock climbing, ice skating or surfing; play basketball or volley ball with fellow passengers.

The advantage of choosing a cruise before the land based holidays is the choice of many exotic and interesting destinations. There is a different port, country and culture every day with wide choice of shore excursions. The organised excursions always have something unique to offer. In case you have not been able to book your shore excursions before departure there is still a chance to purchase them on board the ship, subject to availability.

Nowadays cruise ships operate cashless environment therefore you don’t have to worry about having cash while onboard the vessels. When doing the online check in or on arrival you will be required to register a credit card or make a cash deposit and a shipboard card will be given to you which would be the cabin key too. All onboard purchases, drinks or excursions you signed for will automatically be charged to your onboard account. The exception of course will be the casinos where you have to use cash, travellers or personal cheques or credit/debit card payment.

Service fees and tips vary by cruise line and are usually on your discretion. There is a recommended daily amount provided by each company. Gratuities might be automatically added to your ship board account with your permission or can be pre paid at the time of booking.

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