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Antarctica is the most southern point of the Earth's rotational axis. Antarctica is the 5th largest of the world’s seven continents. Antarctica was not found until 1820. The nearest continents are South America with Ushuaia considered the most southern city in Argentina and on the other side Australia. Antarctica is a large land buried under a huge ice cap and surrounded by oceans. In this respect it is very different from the Arctic, which is, actually frozen water surrounded by land, the North Pole is located on sea-ice, which is actually shifting. Antarctica holds the records as the highest, driest, coldest and windiest place on earth.

Antarctica had no inhabitants until 1897 when the first explorers built the first station primarily for scientific research. Now there are over 60 bases situated all over the continent and operated by several nations.

In size Antarctica is one and a half times the size of the United States. As it is considered the coldest continent the temperature almost always remains below freezing. Antarctica is popular for its unique animal world of seals, arctic terns, penguins and sharks.

On the other hand and just opposite on Top of the World is The Arctic. The Arctic area mostly consists of ice-covered ocean. The native population of the Arctic is approximately 4 million. In the middle of the Arctic Ocean is located The North Pole also known as "true north"

A trip to The High Arctic represents a rare opportunity to see polar bears, wolves, caribou, narwhal and beluga whales.


Alaska is another very popular destination with its massive glaciers and deep fjords. Passengers can experience whale-watching, grizzly bears, mountain goats or wolves.

The Famous Northwest Passage gives a full experience of serene beauty. Here you can see whales moving silently though the water in search of salmon. Did you know that the Atlantic salmon during their breeding season, which is in late spring to summer swim against the current, to hatch their eggs back in their birth, places.

How about the Ross Sea as a destination, which is considered the Southern extension of the Pacific Ocean. It is ecologically unique and habitat of diversity of wild life. Bookings a year in advance are recommended for this region.

Or Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, located in the Gulf of California and known as The Aquarium of the World. 7 to 11 night trips are possible departing from Cabo San Lucas with optional shore excursions and possibility of extending you cruise with a land tour of Copper Canyon.

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