Everyone has an opinion on cruising. Some good. Most very good. But when it comes to people who have never cruised before (First-Timers), their views are more like misperceptions than anything else.

Myth #1: Cruise ships are too confining
Today's modern cruise ships are out of this world with rock walls, restaurants, lounges and shops; Promenade decks about the size of two football fields, a five-story theatre and full-court basketball. You'll quickly realize that this holiday is not confining at all. In fact, with all the places to explore, you might forget you're actually sailing the high seas.

Myth #2: Cruising is boring
There are a wide range of exciting onboard and shore side activities. There is spectacular night time entertainment, such as ice-skating shows, contemporary Broadway-style stage productions, nightclubs and incredible Casinos. Daytime can be even more exciting, with activities ranging from swimming with stingrays to a luxurious spa afternoon, including hot-stone massages, steam baths and facials. Whether your idea of a vacation is relaxing by the pool or parasailing over coral reefs, you have lots of options.

Myth #3: All you do is eat
It's true that cruise ships offer amazing culinary delights in their dining rooms and speciality restaurants, but eating doesn't have to be on the top of the agenda with all the onboard activities. For example, Royal Caribbean ships offer rock climbing, basketball, miniature golf, an outdoor jogging track, and specialty fitness classes such as Pilates, yoga, and spinning. And even while dining, you can watch you figure with special fitness menus, offering low-calorie, low-fat options

Myth #4: Cruises cost too much
Compared to what? A land based holiday? Remember, when taking a land-based holiday, there are a lot of expenses like flights, hotels, meals, snacks, taxi, and entertainment, just to name a few. When taking a cruise, one single price includes meals, entertainment, transportation, to various ports of call and onboard activities. So when you do the math, cruising is really the best value.

Myth #5: Not enough time or variety in ports
Cruises offer options to fit everyone's needs. Choose from itineraries where you spend the night in port, or one with fewer sea days, or a cruise that offers a variety of ports of call.

Myth #6: Cruises aren't for people like me
If you like adventure and new experiences then a cruise is perfect for senses and inspire the explorer in you.

Myth #7: The kids will be bored
Kids have tons of options, too. Kids cannot only be creative with arts and crafts activities, but they can actually learn about things like gravity during science experiments. And for the teens, there are lounges and clubs, designed just for them!

Myth #8: Cruises are too formal
Not at all! If you want casual, you can simply lie back in shorts every day. Today's ships have a few formal evenings in the dining room, but they are optional. Many cruise lines offer relaxed, alternative dining options that let you be more casual for evening dining. And of course, for real casual, there is always room service.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the all-inclusive pleasures of a cruise holiday. More singles, families, couples, honeymooners, second honeymooners and groups of friends are sailing away on the holiday of their lives. Last year alone approximately seven million people enjoyed a cruise. When you add it all up, it's easy to see why.

The price of your ticket includes all of your meals and in-between snacks on-board; your stateroom, activities, parties and entertainment; plus, an exciting voyage to some of the most enchanting and culturally enriching places in the world.

You'll find that a cruise ship is a floating resort, with all the things a fine resort has to offer and more! You'll meet new friends who share the same tastes and interests as you.

The hassles of an ordinary holiday are completely eliminated. A cruise is one convenient package. You don't have to worry about making dinner or nightclub reservations, running to make flight connections as you travel from one destination to another, or packing and unpacking.

You can lie back and be completely pampered. Or, go non-stop. Dine like never before. Enjoy one great show after another. Let your cares float away!

It's no wonder that more people are taking cruise holidays than ever before. And once they get a taste of cruising, they come back for more, again and again.

Cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other holiday experience. Don't pay any attention to these myths. Just ask one of Sea Travel Specialists about cruising and let us show you that you haven't lived until you've cruised.