Canals have always been popular among passengers on cargo ships. Most travellers choose freighter cruises that give opportunity of just to transit a canal. The three major canals that provide the most interesteing spectacles are the Panama, Suez and North Sea or known as Kiel canals. If travellers plans well ahead they can easily transit both of the worlds major canals while on one voyage. Another interesting man-made canal is also the St Lawrence Seaway which allows transportation of cargo to and from the Great Lakes.

There is now a voyage available to passengers wishing to sail from Europe to United States and transiting the Panama canal. The voyage starts from Europe via Panama canal, Guatemala, Mexico and stops at US West Coast ports as well as Canada.

Also new opportunities are now available with CMA CGM French Line for travellers who wish to depart from US to Middle East and Asia via the Suez canal. However travellers must note that disembarkation might not be possible in all ports.

For transiting both Panama and Suez canal, Sea Travel Ltd can offer an extended passage of 126 days starting in either United States or Europe. Section reservations are also accepted.

A short freighter cruise opportunity via Kiel Canal is possible and suitable for people new to freighter travel as a taster and a challenge to try a longer trip later.

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