Flexibility is the most important factor when booking a Freighter cruise. In many cases the Freighter Cruise goes as planned to the satisfaction of all but when it doesn't, good preparation must be in place. When preparing for the journey of a lifetime it is not necessarily to go as expected because cargo ships are concerned and not passenger ships. A ship can be delayed or change the duration of the voyage for different reasons and at a very last minute. This might be due to port congestion, weather conditions, extra calls added, minor engine repairs or cargo being loaded or discharged. All of the above events may affect the voyage with no prior notice. Sea Travel Specialists advise clients to be patient and flexible to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing voyage. The Key tips are to make a list of hotels around the port on embarkation and disembarkation. Address can be found on Internet or guidebooks. Take contact telephone numbers with you and stay in contact with port or travel agents on regular basis. If going ashore in a country which language you dont know and speak, write down the name and address of the port and berth as well as ship's agent as this will be handy to show to a taxi driver so they know where to drop you. As the time of departure approaches speak to the ship agent and leave any contact information of where you are staying prior to embarkation; hotel address/name and a mobile telephone as it always comes handy incases of emergency. It keeps you in touch when traveling.

List of Things not to Forget when embarking on a freighter ship:

- Check with the shore agent a week ahead and then at least once every day until actual date of embarkation

- Ask the agent for address; berth and how to get to the port and the ship

- Arrange a taxi to take you or collect you from the ship

- Prescription medications to be packed

- travel documents, ticket and passport

- Change your insurance dates if your travel dates are changed. Or arrange your insurance to cover longer period of travel than expected.

- take ship currency cash in small denominations for crew tips or beverages while at sea

Sea Travel Limited makes an appeal to all passengers who booked freighter cruises to think of their trips hopefully and relaxed, knowing that the probability of hitch free embarkation and voyage is very high and be prepared in order to be stress free and enjoy their voyage.