ST-0082 Hamburg - Baltic Sea Countries


Round trip appox. 1 week
Only round trips possible


 Ports - countries 
  Hamburg, Germany  
  Bremerhaven, Germany  
  possibly Kiel-Canal, Germany  
  for example to ports as:,  
  Stockholm, Sweden  
  Gavle, Sweden  
  Norrkoping, Sweden  
  Rauma, Finland  
  Hanko, Finland  
  Kotka, Finland  
  Helsinki, Finland  
  Hamina, Finland  
  Riga, Latvia  
  Klaipeda, Lithuania  
  Gdansk, Poland  
  Tallinn, Estonia  
  Oslo, Norway  
  Copenhagen, Denmark  
  Aarhus, Denmark  
  Hamburg, Germany  

 The passage

One or more ports from the above list may be called.
The charterer may at any time - even at short notice - change the route to other ports in North Sea or Baltic Sea.

There are many things to see on these journeys: Very exciting is the passage through the Kiel Canal with its locks and you will be able to watch other vessels passing by very closely. But there is no guarantee for passing the canal.

If you call Sweden or Finland:
To sail through the skerries is a very special adventure: from deck you can see belts of reed, lonely coves, small islands with summer houses and piers so closely that it seems you can touch them. You can smell both, forest and sea - typically Scandinavian.
During the summer you can watch colourfull boats, fisher and bathing people. During the winter when the sea is frozen and everything is covered in snow you might have the possibility to watch the Scandinavians ice fishing.

Different ships are sailing on this route. We will recommend a vessel that fits best to your request.

Vessels details

Containerschiffe, flag: deutsch/international, master: German/International, shipping company: German, build: 1996-2010, size of vessel: 7.225-25.100 tdw, length: 121-170 m, width: 18-25 m, voltage: 220 V. appointments: air condition, video/tv. board currency: EUR
age limitation 6 / 75 and upon agreement

Cabins and prices

Double bed suite: different double bed suites

price per person/round trip:
price for a double cabin as a single cabin per person/round trip:
EUR 581,-
EUR 686,-


Single suite: different single suites and single cabins

price per person/round trip:
EUR 581,-

The following has to be added to the cabin price (per person/trip):
Basic lump sum EUR 59,- and deviation insurance EUR 57,-.

Sea Travel Ltd is not organizer of these voyages, but only acting as agent for the shipping company. The passage conditions of the shipping company are valid and binding. The above is subject to change.

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