-Duration: approx: 42 days


Hong Kong-Brisbane-Auckland-Lyttleton-Napier-Tauranga-Tokyo-Kobe-Pusan-Shanghai-Yantian-Hong Kong

Vessels: M/V NYK Galaxy
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Fares: Double, pp/per day Single occupancy
Owners cabin 95.00 EURO 110.00 Euro
Double cabin 85.00 Euro 100.00 Euro
Single cabin 85.00 Euro

The following additional charges must be added per person/per trip

Port fees for Australia 250 Euro pp

Deviation insurance, less than 15 days 110.00 Euro
Deviation insurance, more than 15 days 170.00 Euro
Port charges 95.00 Euro

Cabin description:

1 double cabin, owners cabin (approx. 32 sqm incl. bathroom),E deck, midships to the front, 1 bedroom and 1 living room, 1 twin bed (2.00 x 1.10m), shower / toilet, wardrobe, refrigerator, TV / DVD, HiFi - system, sitting arrangement with 2 sofas and 2 arm chairs, table, desk, chair, carpet,
view to the front (obstracted view)

2 double cabins, owners A and owners B, (approx. 29 sqm incl. bathroom),
both F deck, midships to the front,1 bed-and 1 living room,1 french bed (2.00 x 1.40m), shower / toilet, wardrobe,refrigerator, TV / DVD, HiFi - system, sitting arrangement with 2 sofas and 2 arm chairs, carpet,
view to the front (always unobstracted view)

1 single cabin, supercargo, (approx. 21 sqm incl. bathroom),
D deck, portside to the back, 1 bed- / living room, 1 bed (2.00 x 1.20 m), shower / toilet, wardrobe, refrigerator, 1 sitting arrangement with sofa, chair,carpet,
view to the back (obstructed view)

Sea Travel Ltd is not organizer of these voyages, but only acting as agent for the shipping company. The passage conditions of the shipping company are valid and binding. The above is subject to change.

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