Many passengers are confused and wish to know the difference between Liner service and Tranmp service when freighter travel is concerned.

Liner Service – is a service that operates within a schedule and has a fixed port rotation with published dates of calls at the advertised ports.. A liner service generally fulfills the schedule unless in cases where a call at one of the ports has been unduly delayed due to natural or man-made causes.. 

Example : A regular Transatlantic service from Europe to US East Coast of CMA CGM or MSC Shipping Lines that have a fixed weekly schedule calling the European ports published and carrying cargo to the North America East Coast.

A Tramp Service or tramper on the other hand is a ship that has no fixed routing or itinerary or schedule and is available at short notice (or fixture) to load any cargo from any port to any port.. 

Example : A ship that arrives at Capetown from Europe to discharge cargo might carry some other cargo from Capetown to Durban or Oakland in the USA which in an entirely different direction.. From Oakland say for example it could carry some cargo and go back to Capetown or even go to Bremerhaven in Europe.