m/v River Cloud II
River Cruise-Flowering Fashions
8 days/ 7 nights




Amsterdam/Netherlands Thur. 17 May- Individual arrival in Amsterdam. Embarkation on the
River Cloud ii at 16.00 hours.
Amsterdam/Netherlands Fri. 18 May
Canal gardens: city tour of Amsterdam with canal boat trip. We visit the elegant canal gardens of Van Loon, Keizersgracht, Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis and Herengracht – formal Renaissance gardens in the 17th-century Dutch style. This will be followed by a stroll around the flower market and a visit to the Begijnhof, a formal monastery garden. Dep.: 13.00 hours
Lecture “Gardens of the world” by Antonius Bösterling.
Düsseldorf/Germany Sat. 19 May-Arr.: 08.00 hours.
Fashionable gardens: visit to Floriade 2012 in Venlo. Historic gardens: visit to the Benrath Palace  grounds and the Museum of European Garden Art. Benrath Palace is a work of art composed of architecture, gardens and water features. Dep.: 18.00 hours
Rüdesheim/Germany Sun. 20 May
Passage of the Middle Rhine and the Loreley Rock. Antonius Bösterling will answer your gardening questions, giving tips for both inside and outside. Arr.: 14.00 hours. Experimental gardens: afternoon visit to the testing facilities at Monrepos Castle in Geisenheim/Rheingau. Vineyard gardens: evening visit to Vollrads Castle with a wine tasting and concert.
Rüdesheim/Germany Mon. 21 May - Dep.: 06.00 hours
Master florists present a colourful show of flower fashion.
Gernsheim/Germany- Arr.: 12.00 hours. Romantic gardens: visit to the Fürstenlager state park in Bensheim and the Hermannshof show gardens at Weinheim. Dep.: 13.30 hours
Mannheim/Germany- Arr.: 17.00 hours. Re-embarkation following excursion. Dep.: 18.00 hours
Strasbourg/France Tue. 22 May- Arr.: 08.30 hours.
Baroque gardens: city tour with boat trip through “La Petite France” and visit to the cathedral.
Strasbourg/France Wed. 23 May- Dep.: 04.00 hours
Antonius Bösterling presents “Art in the garden”. Arr.: 13.00 hours. Blue gardens: visit to Countess von Zeppelin’s perennial nurseries in the Markgräfler region with wine tasting. Dep.: 23.00 hours
Basle/Switzerland Thur. 24 May- Arr.: 07.00 hours. 09.00 hours disembarkation. Individual departure.

This cruise is like a colourful bouquet, put together with a passion for gardening and combined with insights into a variety of gardens along the Rhine. It will take us on a journey through history, showing us many different styles.The start is marked by the historic Renaissance canal gardens in Amsterdam. The Museum of European Garden Art in Benrath Palace spells out another ideal – that palaces and parks need to have a crowning glory. The Parc de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg is governed only by baroque intentions and secateurs – as defined by the gardener to the Sun King, André Le Nôtre. The Fürstenlager state park is the embodiment of romance, and an entire village has been artistically created here. Many new and well-known shrubs can be admired at the Hermannshof and in Countess von Zeppelin’s famous gardens. At Monrepos Castle, new trends from the research institute await your visit, whilst the “Floriade” World Horticultural Fair will lead you straight into the future of gardening.

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