m/v River Cloud II
The Danube Delta and The Black Sea
Budapest-Oltenita (Bucharest)
10 days/ 9 nights





Budapest/Hungary Sun. 1 July
Individual arrival in Budapest. Embarkation on the River Cloud ii at 16.00 hours. Dep.: 17.30 hours
As we leave, there is a picture-perfect panoramic view of Budapest.
Mohács/Hungary Mon. 2 July-Arr.: 05.00 hours.
Excursion to Pécs. Pécs, the oldest university city in Hungary, has a happy, Mediterranean atmosphere. Dep.: 17.00 hours
Novi Sad/Serbia Tue. 3 July- Arr.: 06.00 hours.
Tour of Novi Sad and overland excursion to Belgrade, including a visit to the Royal Palace and lunch. The Serbian capital, Belgrade, is some 7,000 years old and enjoys an idyllic and strategic position at the confluence of the Save and Danube rivers. Dep.: 08.30 hours
Belgrade/Serbia- Arr.: 13.30 hours.
Re-embarkation following excursion.
Belgrade/Serbia Wed. 4 July-Dep.: 05.00 hours
Throughout the day, you will be accompanied by a unique river landscape – a gorge over 100 kilometres (60 miles) long, carved by the Danube. It makes for an impressive landscape that will take your breath away. The passage through the Kazan Gorge ends with the third and final narrowing of the river, the Iron Gate, also known as Djerdap.
Vidin/Bulgaria Thur. 5 July- Arr.: 07.00 hours.
Tour of Vidin and Belogradchik. Bulgaria’s most imposing fortress is in Vidin, whereas the one
in Belogradchik is wildly romantic. Dep.: 14.00 hours
Russe/Bulgaria Fri. 6 July- Arr.: 06.00 hours.
Excursion to Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi with lunch. Arbanassi is like a picture-book village from another era.
Russe/Bulgaria Sat. 7 July- Dep.: 06.00 hours
St George/Romania Sun. 8 July- Arr.: 09.30 hours.
The River Cloud ii reaches the Black Sea today at kilometre zero. There is an opportunity to visit the
fishing village of St George. Dep.: 14.00 hours
Cernavoda/Romania Mon. 9 July- Arr.: 12.30 hours.
Excursion to Constanta and Mamaia on the Black Sea coast. At the start of the 20th century, Mamaia was a cosmopolitan seaside resort, where the rich aristocracy and nobility used to meet. Dep.: 17.30 hours
Oltenita (Bucharest)/Romania Tue. 10 July- Arr.: 07.00 hours.
09.00 hours disembarkation. Individual departure.
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